Message From The Vice Chancellor

Prof. Subha Shankar Sarkar

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

West Bengal has a long history of having produced some of India’s best minds. At NSOU, we have continued that tradition and pride ourselves in having provided quality education to West Bengal students through a mix of strong pedagogy and academic research. NSOU has created a distinct identity among West Bengal students by offering unique programmes that enable them to develop their skills based on needs of the new age.

We have always adhered to the guidelines laid down by Distance Education Bureau (erstwhile Distance Education Council) and have always been accredited to offer our distance education programmes.

The Indian Govt. has been strongly advocating and providing support to create a Digital India. Educational institutes across the country are adopting the latest technology trends and we feel the students of West Bengal should also have the opportunity to benefit from implementation of technology in education. Our University has entered into a new age of digital learning with the launch of ICT Services for 29 programmes in the 2015-16 academic session. Supported by ICT services, every effort has been made to bring our distance programmes at par with classroom based learning.

ICT services use a combination of multiple communication tools such as internet, telephone, etc. to provide students an educational experience that is interconnected and seamless. At NSOU, students are provided access to a student portal that can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The portal is a central platform which links the student to the Learning Management System (containing the textual, audio-video lectures), the University Management System (containing operational features such as payment of fee) and the Issue Resolution System (where the students can raise queries for any operational issues while using ICT services). Students are also provided a mobile application which contains certain features of the student portal. The students will also be assisted by a centralized Student Support Cell consisting of counsellors who will address any issue faced by the student. The issues raised will be captured on the Issue Resolution System so that the students and the University officials can keep a track of any progress made.

I am extremely sure that our efforts at building a student centric learning environment will be appreciated by our students and will go a long way in our aim of becoming a centre of excellence with global reputation. Wish you a bright future!