Student Privileges

Mobile App

The mobile application can be viewed on Android based smartphone and tablets and allows students to learn on the go. The mobile app allows students’ access to all course material in the mode of video lectures, textual material and mock tests.

For select programmes, students are provided SD card (which the University may provide free or at a nominal cost) which allows offline access to the mobile app helping students even in the remotest part of the state to learn even when internet or electricity is not available.


Student Portal

The student portal is a one-stop portal which caters to 360 degree learning needs of the student. The portal allows student access to Learning Management System, News & Announcements and Issue Resolution System. After logging in, the student can view complete details regarding the course enrolled for and the status of learning completed in each subject.

All notifications that are sent by the University to the student since the date of admission can be centrally accessed in the portal. The Learning Management System contains lectures in textual and audio-visual format that helps students to understand the fundamentals easily. One of the prominent feature used by students is the calendar that provides information on upcoming events such as exams, classroom sessions, etc. The University encourages students to provide feedback directly from the student portal and also rewards students for sharing the benefits of ICT Enabled education to their friends and relatives.


Student Support

All ICT enabled programmes of the University will be supported by a dedicated Student Support team. The support team can be reached via 033-405-85127 or through the student portal for any issue related to technology, academics, administrative or ICT Enabled programmes. The team ensures that all student enquiries are taken note of and resolved in a timely manner. All such requests/ enquiries are made available in the student portal accessible to both the student and NSOU officials.

The team has counselors who can speak in Bengali, Hindi or English based on student’s comfort level. With this initiative, NSOU aims to provide student service comparable to international standards to all its students and provide equal access to educational support for all across West Bengal.